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Surprising Uses for Coffee

5. Support in the Kitchen

Coffee and cooking go together in multiple ways. You can add a tablespoon of coffee grounds to the liquids in which you soak meat, and they’ll make your meat even more tender. Plus, coffee can enhance the flavorings of such desserts as ice cream and cake.

You can even utilize an empty coffee can when you’re making dinner. Just apply cooking spray and a sprinkling of flour to its interior, stick some dough in it, and use it to bake bread or rolls.

Then, when you’re finished cooking, you might spread some coffee grounds onto a rag and use that cloth to scour your pots and pans. You should find that the coffee makes it easier to rub grease away.

6. Hair Glistening

This next procedure might sound odd, but you can actually use java to get your hair glossy and shining. First, brew some dark coffee. As it’s cooling, wash and dry your hair. Now, put on a T-shirt that you wouldn’t mind getting stained, lean over your sink, and pour the cool coffee over your head. To minimize splashing, you might want to ask someone to help you with this step. You can squeeze out the dripping, excess coffee, but otherwise, you should leave it in your hair for 20 minutes or so. Finally, rinse it all out. If you take these actions every day for about a week, you may find that your hair looks more radiant than ever.

7. Quick Furniture Restoration

Coffee can make your furniture gleam as well. Soak some coffee grounds with water, and pour that liquid onto a swab of cotton. Afterwards, gently press that swab against any nicks, scratches, flaws, and/or discolored spots that your pieces of furniture have. If you own a reddish piece, you should add two or three drops of iodine to your coffee-soaked rag before you begin to dab. Once these touch-ups have dried, polish your furniture with wax. At that point, it might look like it’s brand-new.