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Surprising Uses for Coffee

We’ve already established that drinking coffee can work wonders, but you can also accomplish a wide range of tasks using it in a non-beverage form. Indeed, coffee can have startling effects on pieces of furniture, plants, human hair, and more.

1. Swell Smells

If you really enjoy the fragrance of coffee, why not savor it as often as possible? The aroma of an open can of coffee grounds can counteract all kinds of stenches. For example, if you were to place one inside your car, it would absorb and thus remove other odors. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about the lingering smells of, say, food or pets. Similarly, you might make a habit of placing open containers of coffee inside your refrigerator. That way, you may find that your nose is no longer offended each time you open the door to your fridge.

 2. Gardening Assistance

Coffee can be a great aid to the greenery outside your home. It increases the speed at which heaps of compost decompose. Further, if you blend small quantities of coffee grounds into soil, it will promote the growth of healthy bacteria. The high acid level of these grounds also boosts the chances that flowering plants such as rosebushes, rhododendrons, and hydrangeas will thrive.

3. Protection for Plants

Maybe your cat frequently nibbles on your houseplants, or maybe stray cats often turn your shrubs into meals. A humane way to solve such a problem is to spread coffee grounds around those plants. As cats dislike coffee, they’ll stay away. Moreover, if you need to dispel those kitties immediately, place orange peels as well as coffee near your plants. Felines seem to find that combination particularly repulsive. In the same vein, by creating a circle of coffee grounds around your bushes and flowers, you can chase away or eradicate snails and various kinds of insects, including ants.

4. A Natural Dye

If you soak coffee grounds in warm water, you’ll get a dye with which you can color Easter eggs and art projects. One nifty trick goes as follows: Pour this liquid into a tray. Next, put a white piece of paper in that tray, and let it stay there for a few moments. After you remove it and let it dry, it will resemble a piece of parchment. Children can use this technique whenever they want to recreate an old document like the Declaration of Independence for a school project.