Every Man’s Guide to Everything Coffee

Soft Bean: coffee beans grown at lower altitudes of under 4000 feet. These beans mature more quickly and make a lighter bean. Some countries that produce soft beans are Jamaica, Colombia and Indonesia.

Solo: a singular shot of espresso

Sour: flavors similar to vinegar or acid, overly sharp, harsh, often found in fermented coffee. The sour flavor can be produced by cherries that are overly ripe or cherries beginning to ferment. May also be produced by incorrect fermenting process in which alcohols and yeasts make vinegar-like acid.

Spicy: generally used to describe the sweet spicy smells of cloves, allspice and cinnamon and not usually used for the savory smell of the spices curry, oregano or pepper

Strictly Hard Bean: coffee beans that are grown above 4500 feet.
Tobacco: a not necessarily unpleasant taste of tobacco found in some coffees, but not a term used to describe the burnt tobacco flavor or smell.

Tone: the color, or darkness, of the coffee.
Vacuum Brewer: consists of a lower chamber, and upper chamber, and a siphoning tube. The lower part is filled with water which is then heated. The higher part is filled with coffee and put directly on top of the lower chamber. The hot water pressurizes and forces up through the siphoning tube into the upper chamber and into the coffee. After being removed from heat, the whole unit begins to cool and the coffee is again pulled down into the lower part, away from the grounds, and is ready to serve.

Varietal: coffee that comes from a special, geographical region.

Winey: an experience similar to that of drinking wine in flavor, aroma and body feel in the mouth. Often found along with notes of fruit and acid.

Woody: coffee with the aroma of a barrel, dead or dry wood or card board, particularly found in old coffees. Woody coffee is produced when beans are incorrectly stored or stored for too long.