Every Man’s Guide to Everything Coffee

Moka: sometimes also known as Stove Top Espresso, although it is not actually espresso, but a strong cup of cover. Between an upper and lower chamber there is a filter basket which is filled with coffee grounds. The lower chamber is filled with water and as it is heated, the pressurized water forces to the upper chamber to be collected. This is a typical form of coffee within homes in Italy.

Neutral: coffees often found in Brazil and Colombia, without a paramount taste or flavor. These coffees are usually used in blending.

Nutty: characteristic of many coffees from South America, the tastes and smells of fresh nuts. Care is used to avoid using nutty when describing rancid or bitter nut smells and tastes.

Oily: coffee that might have an oily flavor because of a high degree of roasting, or having a greasy feeling in the mouth but not a rancid taste.

Papery: a quality of coffee that has potentially been stored in paper bags for a long period of time or the paper used in production was of low quality

Peaberry: Generally every coffee cherry harvests two beans. When a coffee cherry produces only one bean, these beans are called peaberries and are frequently sold separately as a unique specialty product.

Portafilter: the handle and filter basket part of an espresso machine, usually a removable device.

Pour Over: Comparable to the drip method of coffee brewing, but is entirely manual. Close to boiling water is rendered over coffee grounds within a filter and the coffee drips into a waiting cup or carafe.

Redeye: a cup of espresso mixed with a regular cup of coffee.

Roast profile: crucial process for showcasing a coffee’s particular qualities, the particular timing, temperature, homogeneity and rate of the roasting of the coffee bean.

Scorched: any coffee that is burned, or has burn marks that are often produced when the roast is too hot or there is deficient tumbling of the bean. Many times unrecognizable as scorched until they are tasted and determined to have a bread-like or sour taste. Similar term is charred.

Smooth: similar terms are soft, round or rounded meaning qualities of a balanced coffee without any overt flavors or after-tastes.