Every Man’s Guide to Everything Coffee

Grande: from the Italian word for large, it is a 16 ounce coffee drink.

Grassy: smell particular to herbs, foliage, green beans, unripened fruit and fresh-cut grass, it is associated with coffee beans that have been under-roasted, under-dried or have been exposed to water damage.

Green coffee: the seed of coffee after it has been dried and processed but before it has been roasted. This is the stage that roasting companies purchase the coffee.

Haf caf: a blend of regular and decaffeinated coffee drinks

Hard bean: a type of coffee that is grown at higher altitudes, about 4000 to 5000 feet above sea level.

Harmless: a decaffeinated, no fat, no sugar coffee drink.

Harsh: unpleasant and acrid flavor and smell.

Herbal: an association similar to that of grass with the smell particular to herbs, unripened fruit and fresh-cut grass, for the similar reason that herbal coffees are not usually dried to the typical 10%- 12% moisture.

Hidey: the aroma or flavor of leather, often detected in coffee from some East African locales.

Insipid: a flavor of lifeless character mainly because of lack of organic material within the coffee bean, usually caused by moisture and oxygen affecting the coffee bean after it has been roasted.

Latte: one or two shots of espresso mixed with steamed milk and finished with about a quarter of an inch of foamed milk.

Latte art: pattern or design formed in and by the steamed milk into an espresso drink. Only perfectly steamed milk will hold the correct form for latte art.

Malty: similar terms are cereal and toast-like describing the tastes of roasted grains such as corn, wheat or barley, or the flavor of toast or fresh bread.

Mellow: typical of medium roast Arabicas, a mild and balanced coffee that has no overly distinct flavors and no after-taste.

Micro-Lot: coffee that originates from a singular farm, or a particular part of a farm.