Every Man’s Guide to Everything Coffee

Earthy: the same qualities of the smell of wet soil, raw potatoes and unspoiled earth. It is not always a bad quality but there is a possibility that is produced by mold forming while harvesting the coffee beans.

Espresso: an Italian brewing method that extracts the heart of the coffee bean. A pump driven machine forces hot water through very fine grounds and this process takes around 20 seconds to complete. The word is derived from the Latin, “Expresere” which literally means, “to press out.”

Espresso Breve: espresso with half and half added

Espresso Lungo: a shot of espresso that is pulled for extra time to extract extra espresso. Some believe that this results in more caffeine, it generally only produces a bitter cup.

Espresso Macchiato: espresso with minimal streamed milk
Espresso Ristretto: literally defined as restricted espresso, consists of espresso with a shorter draw than standard espresso drinks which results in a more flavorful and thicker drink.

Extraction: the entire coffee brewing process that extracts coffee solubles into water. If there is too little extraction, the coffee may have a sour flavor and if there is too much, the coffee may have a bitter flavor.

Flat: no real, substantive tastes or smells to speak of

Floral: obviously indicative of the flower smell, mainly referring to the aromas of nettle, dandelion and jasmine. Often found together with coffees having a notes of herb and fruit.

Foam: milk that has been aerated with hot steam and made thick and foamy. A similar term is, “froth.”

Fragrance: the smell of the ground coffee’s gases as they are inhaled by the nose. There is a range of fragrances from spicy to floral.

French Press: A popular coffee extraction method in England that consists of coarse ground coffee put into a pre-heated glass container and combined with just boiled water. After a time of steeping, a plunger is pressed down and the coffee grounds are forced to the bottom while the coffee remains at the top.

Fruit: The taste and smell of fruit which is to be expected as the beans actually are the seeds of a fruit. Related term in citrusy.