Every Man’s Guide to Everything Coffee

Citrusy: the smell and taste of the citrus fruit which is commonly found in coffees because the coffee beans are actually the fruits of the plants coffee cherries.

Clean: full of flavor but without any especially strong or especially different tastes.

Coffee Granita: Frozen and shaved ice that is produced with milk, sugar and espresso.

Coffeol: essence of coffee, or coffee oils

Cold Drip Coffee: a process of extracting coffee in which the coffee grounds are soaked in cold water for approximately 12 hours that results in a concentrate of coffee. Popular in New Orleans, it is frequently used for iced coffee and mixed with milk or water.

Complexity: the range of tastes and smells when experiencing a cup of coffee, often produced by blending different roasts, or different origins.

Cortado: 4 to 4.5 ounce espresso drink that is finished with flat, steamed milk.

Crema: the foam the color of caramel that is formed at the top of a shot of espresso that quickly dissipates after brewing, formed by the emulsified oils.

Cupping: the art of tasting coffee, similar to tasting in wine drinking.

Decaffeinating process: done in a coffee’s green state and can be successful in removing 97%-98% of caffeine from coffee.

Degas: the amount of time necessary for a coffee batch to release the carbon dioxide providing the perfect flavor. Espresso requires more degassing than does standard brewed coffee.

Demitasse: small, half-sized cup used for serving espresso because espresso is served in much smaller amounts than regular coffee

Doppio: double shot of espresso, also known as a double.

Double Dry Short: A short cup with a double shot of espresso with no foam added.

Drip Coffee: the main way Americans brew their coffee, it consists of a coffee filter with a basket where hot water drips through the coffee grounds and then into a carafe.

Dry: a method of coffee drink ordering that specifies frothed milk only, no creamy hot milk