Every Man’s Guide to Everything Coffee

Cafe latte: 1.5 ounces espresso topped with steamed milk in a 6 ounce cup, resulting in a dense drink

Cafe latte macchiato: basically a teaspoon of espresso within a glass of hot milk, a very light coffee drink

Cafe latteccino: two parts steamed milk mixed with one part foamed milk, often thought of a mix of a latte and a cappuccino

Cafe lungo: the Italian term for the Americano, lungo meaning long and this drink is the long espresso by combining boiling waster to 1.5 ounces espresso

Cafe macchiato: 1.5 ounces espresso and a dollop of foamed milk

Cafe mocha: espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup and often finished with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and cocoa powder.

Cafe Noir: coffee that is served without cream of milk, the French translation of black coffee.

Cafe ristretto: very concentrated espresso that only contains ¾ to an ounce of water in the extraction process which produces a very dense espresso. Also sometimes called, “Cafe Serre” in French.

Cafe Romano: regular espresso served with lemon or lemon peel.

Caffeine: a chemical that is a bitter white alkaloid found in teas and coffee, a mild stimulant, and may be used for treatment in headaches. Discovered by German chemist Friedrich Ferdinand Runge in 1819.

Cappuccino: espresso with a top of equivalent parts of steamed milk and foam.

Carbony: the same smell and taste of wood or food that has been burned. Many times the carbony flavors signal the roast level of darker coffees. Similar terms are burnt and smoky.

Chicory: Cichorium Intybus, herb. Often added to flavor coffee or as a coffee reserve, a flavor especially especially loved by the folks in New Orleans.

Chocolatey: obviously the smell and taste of chocolate, which coffees rarely have except in the case of some Yemeni and Central American coffees that do have a particularly chocolatey smell and a fairly bittersweet flavor of chocolate.