Every Man’s Guide to Everything Coffee

Bloom: there is a foam on the top of brewing coffee that is produced by coffee oils and the escaped carbon dioxide. Bloom is only produced using coffee that is freshly roasted.

Body: the thickness of a coffee produced by the measure of oils and liquefied or suspended solids from the grounds. The texture and feeling of coffee in the mouth, the tactual feeling of the coffee’s weight.

Boiler: A part of most espresso machines, a pressure tank that produces steam and hot water.

Bouquet: the scent of the coffee grounds before they have been brewed

Bready: coffee having the smell of grain or bread, coffee that hasn’t been roasted long enough will often have this aroma. Similar terms are beany and green.

Briny: a salty taste often produced by overheating coffee or leaving it sit on the warmer for too long-term

Cafe Americano: American drip coffee with a touch of Italian, produced with equal parts boiling water and espresso and the water does not filter through the coffee grounds. A strong, bold flavor.

Cafe au lair: this traditionally French beverage is made with equivalent parts steamed milk and brewed coffee, and is also very popular in New Orleans.

Cafe Breve: this drink is similar to the espresso except half and half is used instead of milk, which makes it a creamier and fluffier choice.

Cafe con leche: there are about 1.5 ounces of espresso with the rest of the cup being steamed milk in this concoction originally from Spain and still very standard in Latin America.

Cafe con panna: espresso topped with whipped cream.

Cafe corretto: alcoholic coffee drink consisting of espresso mixed with a shot of cognac, brandy or liqueur. Originating in Italy, the alcohol added is often grappa or sambuca.

Cafe crème: 1.5 ounces of espresso mixed with an ounce of heavy cream, traditionally a French drink.

Cafe freddo: chilled espresso, often served iced.