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Baking with Coffee


If you’ve never tried baking with coffee before, you’ve been missing a culinary sensation. When you add coffee to your oven-fresh treats, you’ll find that the textures and the tastes of those foods will be enhanced. Indeed, coffee is able to draw out and intensify the flavors of caramel, chocolate, mint, and all kinds of nuts.

You could add coffee to virtually anything that you bake: pies, puddings, brownies, muffins, breads, cakes, and more. When you do so, you can either pour in freshly-brewed coffee or coffee beans. Also, if you’re preparing a layered cake, you might spread some liquid coffee onto each separate layer.

Keep in mind, though, that whenever you add coffee beans to batter, they should be as fine as possible. Therefore, even if they’ve been ground already, you ought to put them into a coffee grinder or a blender in order to get those pieces as small as you can. In addition, even if your baking recipes specify certain amounts of coffee, it makes sense to experiment with different quantities. Eventually, you’ll find the exact coffee amounts that will most appeal to your taste buds.

You can also improve your baked goods with coffee after you take those foods out of the oven. For instance, you might sprinkle a spoonful of crushed coffee beans onto the frosting or whipped cream that you put on your cakes, cupcakes, and brownies. In particular, many people find the combined flavors of coffee and marshmallows to be enticing. Similarly, you can mix a teaspoon or tablespoon of coffee into each of your jams, jellies, and pastry fillings.

Moreover, the next time you’re at the supermarket, you might pick up some coffee syrup. You can then pour a little of this tasty substance onto anything that you bake as well as your pudding, yogurt, frozen yogurt, and ice cream. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make your own coffee syrup; it’s easy to find recipes for it. The recipe that you end up using might require water, sugar, and either coffee grounds or espresso powder, and it could even call for a little brandy.

Now, in some baked items, coffee isn’t merely an appealing additive. Rather, it’s a primary ingredient. Coffee cake, of course, is an example. Coffee cakes come in vastly different varieties, the most common of which is probably a sponge cake that tastes like the beverage. By all means, search the Internet for coffee cake recipes; these cakes are often ideal for bake sales and family get-togethers. Be aware, however, that when some people use the term “coffee cake,” they’re referring to something that they’d eat while having a cup of coffee. Thus, such a product probably wouldn’t have any coffee in it.

Opera cake is a second dessert that always features coffee. To be precise, it boasts espresso buttercream and coffee syrup. To make this French concoction, you need three layers of almond cake, each of which is dipped in coffee syrup. This decadent selection also has a buttercream layer and a chocolate icing layer. Obviously, it’s not a great choice if you’re counting calories.

Still another coffee-dependent baked item is tiramisu. This luxury seems to have originated in Italy during the 1960s. The exact spot where it was first created, however, is a matter for debate. In any event, tiramisu is a round creation that’s comprised of ladyfingers, which are finger-shaped biscuits that are sweet and spongy. Those ladyfingers are submerged in coffee and covered with a sticky blend that includes mascarpone and sugar. Tiramisu is definitely worth sampling; after a few bites, you might rank it as one of your all-time favorite desserts.